System Message

I started ReadnHustle on October 29, 2019, to connect the University of Ilorin students to quality information that will help them achieve quality lives. I gave 59 students out of 3,990 students who signed up a total financial award of a little over 2 million Naira (N2,072,491), and yet, I couldn't get any of them to overlook my shortcomings and believe sustainably in what ReadnHustle and I stood for so much that they could help turn it into a real community. The most depressing part is that they gladly use sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter without being paid a kobo, but as of today, August 28, 2020, I am the only one here. I was mostly wrong than right, but I hoped that you could find a place in your heart to forgive a guy who paid you to read valuable information. I hoped that even if I died, some of you would be so grateful for my little contribution that you would help me see to it in your little way to help organize and bring others to the platform. I hoped you won't let this community die. If one person passionately believed in me and what I stood for despite my obvious flaws, ReadnHustle might have survived. Again, I know I disappointed some of you with my wrong and misguided approach, but you shouldn't have thrown the baby away with the bathwater. I am sorry for all those that I hurt. It was hard and vulnerable to being the "rich man" among almost 4,000 kids. A lot of times, I did not know what I was doing as I had no manual or role model to follow. My best was definitely not enough. I just always hoped that if these kids can passionately help grow Facebook and WhatsApp with their usage, they could just maybe help me out. I always needed all your help. For ten years, all I have done is spend over 150 million Naira and a great amount of time teaching and mentoring Nigerian youths. I failed at it. I seek God's forgiveness. I seek Pilar Murgui's pardon. I thank God for his blessings. Pilar, thank you so much for spending over 120 million Naira on Nigerian youths that you never met. I will rise again by God's grace and with Pilar Murgui always acting as my pillar.