About us

Hi, my name is Toyeeb Godo, and I am the Founder of ReadnHustle. In the last nine years, I have taught the principles of success to over 6,000 youths through my self-funded seminars in these South-Western Nigerian institutions and cities: University of Ilorin; Kwara State University; Federal Polytechnic, Offa; Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro; Lagos; Ibadan; Akure; and Epe. I also founded physical and mobile libraries in Lagos, Ibadan, Offa, and Ilorin within the same 9-year period.

I funded some of the aforementioned activities with my American student loans. The greater part of my investment, however, has come from Pilar Murgui, my Spanish partner. She is the kindest soul that I have ever met and the person that I respect the most in the world. I did not say that lightly. She bought into my dream of helping to change Nigeria through its youth and has given me 107 million Naira (274,000 euros) in eight years to use in making this dream a reality. She has helped to provide life-changing quality information to these thousands of youths either through my free seminars or free mobile libraries. She strongly believes in goodness. I haven't yet made any money from these investments because it is hard to put together such a revenue and business model, but I am working on it. Who would wait for eight years, no scratch that, who would pay 107 million Naira for your dream and wait eight years and counting for it to fully take shape? She helped make the lives of people she would never meet better and she neither wants nor demands credit for it. She is responsible for bringing you and me together and would feel embarrassed if she heard me say these things.

I also ran an entrepreneurial incubator of sorts where I mentored and funded 20 Nigerian youths for five years in Ojuelegba, Sabo, and Idimu, Lagos; Molete, Ibadan; and Akerebiata and Adewole, Ilorin. I have offered these one-on-one mentoring passionately by investing thousands and thousands of hours in counseling and advising these youths, and I still don't honestly know how to value these monetary and time investments. If people took thousands of dollars from you while claiming to be learning from you and you later found out that they pretty much never believed in you or anything you were teaching, which category would you file that in? Wasted time and effort? I invested thirteen years of my life and thousands of dollars that I didn't have into this waste. I take full responsibility for the whole thing. I was naive, reckless, stupid, and foolish. I apologize deeply to my parents and Pilar for these failures.

They lied to me about being mentees and sang praises of me in my presence, but the truth was that I was just a meal ticket. I was fooled for far too long thinking that I was grooming some ethical and entrepreneurial Nigerian leaders of tomorrow. I decided to end every one of these unhealthy and dishonest relationships in October 2019 to start afresh all by myself with the support of God and Pilar Murgui. ReadnHustle is a culmination of all that I have learned from thirteen years of mentoring Nigerian youths. All the sad events that I endured thankfully did not turn me into a disbeliever. I still believe that millions of Nigerians can do better with the benefit of my mentorship.

I have lived in Nigeria, the United States of America, Spain, and Turkey.  My primary residence has been in Valencia, Spain for the last seven years and in Baltimore, Maryland for the six years before that. I was born and raised in Ojulegba, Lagos from where I moved to America at age 25. I am a dropout of both the Universities of Baltimore and Ilorin. I make time for watching at least three hours of business, political, and world news daily; three days of 20 minutes running weekly; Friday cinema visits; and three days of some sort of weightlifting weekly. I rekindled my love for Basketball and kickboxing while staying in Istanbul this Summer. I am greedy about the pursuit of sleeping eight hours daily. I have been madly in love with Pilar Murgui for the last eight years. 

ReadnHustle is a learning and sharing community for side hustlers in pursuit of the good life. Side hustlers on ReadnHustle use their profiles to professionally present who they are and what they do (from 9-to-5 and 5 to 9). ReadnHustle can help you build a reputation by showcasing your side hustle, easily bridge the gap between your personal and professional self, highlight your background and expertise, and ultimately serve as a marketplace that helps you sell your services and products.